Private Sessions

turn your stumbling blocks
into stepping stones of success.

It’s time to put your past in the rearview
and live with limitless intention.

Because my darhlin’ you and I both know you are destined (and capable) of doing it…

All you need is the know-how.


Imagine how your life would change if you could see yourself as you truly are on a Soul level? How would your life change if all the broken-record limiting beliefs and the fear would disappeared?

Here’s the straight-no-chaser truth about making what’s in your heart and head a physical reality.

A crystal clear intuitive connection to your own divine consciousness that you can 100% trust each day is the fastest way to honor your purpose, complete your mission, and create the life + business you’re that makes your heart go pitter-patter.

This intuitive reading
will reveal…


Are you blocked on a soul level?

I’m a whiz at sensing exactly what the root emotional blocks are, no matter how far back or bad it gets. (This part will blow you away!)


Is your highest path forward?

What do you need to learn? What’s your Soul’s purpose? What do you need to start or stop doing to get there? We’ll get this sorted pronto.


Do you actually-for-real move forward?

How can close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Here, we create an actionable real-world plan that’s in complete alignment with what your heart and soul wants most.

Stay for a second and dream with me…

What if instead of struggling to break free from mental static, self-doubt and indecision, you could effortlessly tune into your intuitive guidance with crystal clear clarity?

How would your life change if you could channel your Soul’s wisdom, creativity, and confidence into inspired action to create and live your purpose?

And what if you could do this in a fraction of the time and resources it takes to do it the ‘old school’ way?


struggling with

  • Getting the hell out of your own way so you can get clear enough to start doing what you feel soulfully drawn to do.
  • Ending the perpetual hamster wheel of self-doubt and sabotage.
  • Hung up on *that one* limiting pattern from forever ago but can’t break the cycle
  • Can’t seem to fully see and hear your intuitive guidance (despite trying very hard.)
  • Knowing you have a soul purpose, but you’re not sure exactly what it is or how to start
  • Overwhelmed and scared you never find a way to give your gifts and talents to the world.

ready tO

  • Finally get clear on your purpose with clarity and conviction.
  • Make the money you know deserve (You give a lot. You should get a lot. End of story.)
  • Develop a gorilla-like connection to your intuition and “hear” divine guidance like it’s no big thing.
  • Stop feeling soooo damn unsure of yourself + create unshakable self confidence.
  • Get the hell out of your own way (Admit it! You so do this!)
  • Turn your inner critic your new bestie (you might even get matching tattoos.)
  • Start making a totally-aligned and meaningful contribution to the world

Headshot of Sharona

My first session with Heather blew me away! I had no idea what I was in for, but without even knowing me, Heather was able to tap into my energy, connect with my Spirit Guides and give me guidance and information about what was going on with me regarding family, relationships, and my new career path. She definitely has a special gift and every session with her is a treat. I crack up laughing during every time! I always walk away feeling a sense of calm and assurance that I’m on the right path. I’m so grateful for her gifts!Sharona Moorer Empowerment & Health Coach Atlanta, GA

Elevating your perspective
empowers you to change your world.

If you’re ready to wake up each morning feeling energized and excited about the day you’ve got ahead of you…

with your ‘to do’ list is filled with plans and projects that fill your soul {and your bank account!}

And that icky nagging feeling of, “Will I ever discover what I’m reeeeally supposed to do with my life?” is history, because you’ve found your calling, and you know how to make it all happen.

Then I urge you to book a session below and begin your journey of becoming who you really are, right now.

Sessions are $250 for 60 minutes, or $150 for 30 minutes. Click the button below, and you’ll be taken to my calendar where you can book your session directly!

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