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Are you an aspiring coach or mentor READY TO turn YOUR SOUL’S MISSION INTO A MOVEMENT?

You’re the person everyone calls when they need real help.

You have an natural sense of when and why others are struggling, and you innately know how to guide them out of merely surviving their challenges and into a thriving, brilliant life.

Deep down, you know you’re supposed to use your empathic and intuitive talents to help others, but you’re scared as hell to go “all in.”

You secretly watch other coaches from afar who are boldly doing what you deeply wish you could do…

While fighting a chronic case of imposter syndrome (“I scared I’m a fraud!”), a lingering poverty complex (“Can I really make a living doing this?!”), and never ending headache about navigating the “business side” of things (“How will I… find clients, build a website, grow my list, Ugh!!)

You want to create a life of freedom, purpose, and prosperity by sharing your wisdom with others through your life-changing coaching, courses, and retreats, but you need the know-how to make it happen.

You’re in the right place at the perfect time.

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When I began my coaching practice, training on how to use my intuitive and empathic skills with my clients was 100% non-existent.

I was teeth-chattering scared to show up as a professional intuitive coach (“is this even a real thing?”) and totally clueless (“Am I doing this right?!”) about how to use my gifts to help my clients transform their lives.

I also had no idea how to package, price, and offer my services in a way that felt easeful and exciting.

I couldn’t find clients to save my life, and I was stuck in a trading “time for money” trap that drained my soul dry. But here’s the good news!

You can skip the hard lessons and expensive mistakes!

Because after 6 years of determination and grit, I’ve learned exactly how to build a profitable intuitive coaching practice with proven methodologies that boost energy sensitive coaches like you into skyrocketing success.

My team and I will teach you the same step-by-step process that I used to go “from scratch” to running an international 6-figure business.


HOw we work together

Using our Atmana Method™️ training systems, you’ll have the perfect blend of street cred and academic bonafides to begin your business, or take your current practice to a whole new level of profit and impact.

These programs shorten your personal and professional growth cycle, sharpen your traditional and intuitive coaching skills, and methodically help you bring your business into the marketplace with a bang.


Get the accredited high level training you need to go pro

Build systems and offers that create consistent profitability

Get out of your head and into financially fun-filled business

IMAGINE waking up each day knowing you’re making your dream a reality

That nagging thought of “will I ever make it happen?” is history.

  • You’re crystal clear about your unique coaching style, who you are, what you do, and why your ideal clients need you.

  • You’ve never undersell your work anymore, you always charge what you’re worth, and you’re able to support your family with the income you’re bring in!

  • Your clients get insane results using your signature coaching programs, in way less time, having way more fun than you ever thought possible.

  • You’re to-do list is 100% under control because you’ve master confidence, consistency, and self-compassion in everything you do.

  • You’ve unapologetically established yourself as a heart-centered industry leader by sharing your message.


Are you ready to claim your potential and create a life that reflects your highest vision?




Take the quiz that unlocks your unique coaching genius!

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