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You’re a powerful coach, capable of making miracles & creating wealth in all areas of life

But are you tired of hustling hard each day only to end up in the same place; struggling, stressing, and sick of it?

And when you do make progress, do you backslide and doubt yourself because you’re secretly afraid you aren’t worthy or have what it takes to run a financially secure and successful coaching business? 

You’ve spilled your heart and wallet out on coaches and “business mentors” with great marketing campaigns that get you nowhere fast. But you keep on pushing…

Head buried in that 68th optin freebie you’ve signed up for, ugly crying your ass off, desperate to find focus and clarity…

All while watching others around you get real momentum in creating an incredible thriving coaching business.

You might even be wondering if it’s really possible for you to figure it out.  But you do know this for sure...


You need to get out of your head and into a

Healthy Business that Lasts.

In fact, knowing you have untapped power & potential, but not being 100% clear on exactly how to push past your resistance is your #1 issue in business right now.

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When I began my coaching practice, I had no idea how to package, price, and offer my services in a way that felt easeful and exciting.

I knew even less about how to articulate my message and find great clients that I longed to serve.

Even when I did find them, I was stuck in an awful trading time for money trap that kept me broke, exhausted, and honestly, a little bitter.

I knew if I could just see my blind spots clearly, everything would take off.

So, I committed to being consistent. I launched program after program, over and over again. I meticulously zoned in on where my offer and client needs perfectly met. Refusing to dishonor my value anymore, I tripled my rates - and the clients started rolling in! But most importantly…

I got crystal clear about the exact beliefs that upgraded my programs, pricing, sales calls, and systems that enabled me to build a business that matches my highest vision.

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My offers practically sell themselves and I’ve curated an awesome team to support me. I am truly able to enjoy my business and my life from a place of fun-filled financial freedom.

You Can Find Your Flow!

Once you remove the root emotional blocks that hinder you, clarity and confidence and a proven plan forward happens way faster!


Imagine waking up each day feeling energized, with your calendar booked with high-ticket clients

Your to-do list is filled with people and purposeful projects that feed your soul and your wallet…

You are unwaveringly clear in who you are, what you offer, and exactly how you serve your dream clients. You unapologetically jump on your sales calls and confidently offer your services…

Your self-doubt is history, your boundaries are firm, and that nagging feeling of…“Will I ever be able to get my business off the ground?” is history, because…

Your new mindset has catapulted you into a financially free and fun-filled business that practically runs itself.


It’s time to say goodbye to the

Blind Spots Holding You Back!

In this session, I’ll sense the source of the trapped mental and emotional patterns keeping you stuck so you can get off the hamster wheel of self-doubt and into a plan that works!

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Shelbi Baylor

“This session gave me tangible strategies for increasing the pricing of my packages while cutting to the root of why I have not had the confidence to do so thus far! Now I’m ready!”

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Julie Widdowson, Hypnotherapist

“I’m using these techniques with my clients in my hypnotherapy practice, and I’m blown away with the results!”

Introducing the...

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Jennifer’s Experience

“Heather opens you up so much, you can deal with your blocks and just move on. If you are ready to be who you really are, this will help you go there!”


& How it works

It’s a 60 minute intuitive hot-and-holy collaboration between me + you, digging into the exact reason why your business isn’t growing to reveal a black and white roadmap to the financial gains that reflect to all you give.

We ENERGETICALLY uncover the
THREE AREAS where you’re stuck

So We Can Create B.S. Free Results!

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First, I’ll tap in intuitively to pinpoint the root issue

With no information given to me ahead of time, I’ll use my intuitive skills to pick up on root mental and emotions snags to your success. We’ll just let the energy lead. I’ll communicate everything I sense, without any or very little feedback from you, for as long as I receive information.

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The energy in session will shift your core blocks drastically…

You’ll ask direct questions to your Guides and Higher Self about any topic, challenge, or area of interest, while I rock the role of messenger! This is usually a power packed part of the session, allowing for great Spirit/Energy based insight into the inner dynamics of what you want to discuss!


You’ll leave with street-tested strategies to move you forward

But lasting change and momentum come through action – Your Action. Here, we’ll craft soul guided goals that turn the “Ah’s” you received in session into “Actionables” and a clear plan forward. We’ll wrap up with any final questions you have.

 Plus, you get these 3
block-busting bonuseS

100% Free!


A-Ha’s Into Actionables Workbook

This 12 page PDF will turn your session insights into a real world plan that creates meaningful money and momentum in your business. You’ll use during the session to capture your mind-shifts and map your way forward.

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Master Your Mindset Mini-Course

Learn how to turn your obstacles into brilliant opportunities through a simple shift in your perceptions in this small but mighty course!

  • 4-part video on integrating your “shadow side” to turn fear into flow.

  • My “Inner Child” meditation for more joy!

Master Your Mindset Product IMage.png

Private Session Prep Kit

This pdf guides you through the process of getting clear about what you need to let go and receive so you can thrive while doing great work with your clients! You’ll understand the flow of your session and how to ask great questions for better results!

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(This mini-course is a $300 value alone, and is only available by booking this session!)

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Hilary Foster, Self Love Coach

This session was one of the most liberating experiences of my life! If you want to gain clarity, if you are ready to let go of things that are burdening you and feel truly inspired, then you want to work with Heather!

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Indrani Phillips, The Effortless Life

“I am happy to say that I’m now an intuitive badass! The clarity and insight I gained about my business from deepening my intuition was what I needed to go all out. It’s been a major shift and my uncertainty is gone! And Heather is freakin’ awesome; treasure & stunning inside and out.”

You know that your WORK is massively influential, With the power to heal and transform millions…

But first, you have to get clear on what’s holding you back so you can be the powerful being you need to be to lead your movement.

You can build your community, grow an engaged list, set rates that reflect your real value, and craft high-ticket packages that fly off the shelves, because through running a soul-fueled business, you can create a meaningful impact you’re in the world.

But you can’t build the business of your dreams while pinned down by yesterday’s baggage.

It’s time to leverage your innate strengths and start working with the full force of your Soul’s genius behind you!

How Much Longer Will You Sideline

Your Soul's Success?

With the skills you’ll gain in this session, you’ll transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones faster than you can scream hallelujah.


This session is for you if...

  • You are ready to deeply understand the parts of yourself that are sabotaging you so you can move forward.

  • You want to start getting visible, seen, heard, and fearlessly overbooked with awesome clients.

  • You are ready to get paid for the full value of what you offer.

  • You’re open to a creative, intuition-based way of problem-solving that’s grounded in getting real results.

  • Give your self-doubt the middle finger once and for all.

This session is not for you if...

  • Aren’t ready to move out of lack mindset and into abundance overload.

  • Don’t want it to hear the straight-no-chaser truth with humor and heart.

  • You don’t want to take action.

  • Aren’t willing to invest in yourself, business, and your growth and evolution.



How different is this from other intuitive readings?

  • This session is specifically about digging into your maladaptive beliefs/thoughts and negative emotional patterns that are blocking your ability to package your coaching services in a way that sells, set prices at a rate that feels great and is in alignment with your work’s true value, and developing your systems and strategies to build infrastructure in your business.

You’re an Intuitive. What does that mean exactly?

Great question. In an effort to keep it short, I’ll just say that as an intuitive Empath, I have the ability to feel what you feel (your deeply held emotions) and feel what you are like (your Soul personality). I can usually tell if what’s coming up happened in your past or if it’s more recent, who it involves, and the effect it’s having on your life in the present and how it impacts your business. Visit my resources page at to learn more about the science behind intuitive communication and its effectiveness.

I don’t see a time slot that works for me. What should I do?

  • No problem! Email us over at and we’ll work out a time that fits for both of us. Once we nail down a time, you’ll pay for the session via paypal.

Will this really work for me?

  • Yes. It will, if you’re willing to change, listen with your heart, and move forward in trust. One of my natural gifts is being able to see people’s highest potential and where they’re supposed to go next. I’ve done this work with people across the spectrum – everyone from budding spiritual coaches and empaths, doctors, ivy-league professors, high powered lawyers, to recovering religion addicts, atheists, you name it. . .And remember, if you don’t love it, I’ll give you your money back. And in the 6 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had one person ask for a refund.

Will this session work even though it’s virtual?

  • Sessions held virtually are the exact same quality as in person readings. Energy is energy and it’s all the same when you’re working at this level.


100% Money Back Guarantee.

I’m so confident this sesh will utterly transform your ability to create clarity and a bigger bottom line, that if it doesn’t, I’ll give you your money back.

Every penny, pound, Or euro. No questions asked.

Sound Like a Plan? Let’s Go, Babe!



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