Hello Lovely, I'm Heather!


I’m happy the universe brought you here!

Aspiring intuitive coaches and therapists around the world hire me and my team to teach, train, and mentor them into honing and owning their intuitive abilities and making meaningful money as a world class coach. 

Here’s my story…

I founded Atmana Coaching Academy because the support and training I desperately needed when I first started out didn’t exist.


after surviving a 5 year illness that almost ended my life...

I was crystal clear about 2 things:  

I was born to be an intuitive coach, and.png
business to do it.png

Starry eyed & super hopefuL, I opened my practice in 2014


I naively believed that if I did incredible work with my clients, financial success would naturally follow. 

After all, the universe would send back to me all the awesome yummy abundance I was putting out there, right?


Sure, my clients were thriving, making great gains, and loving the work we did together.  

But I wasn’t.

On the inside, I was dying.  I was chronically underpaid, working at rates so low my bills laughed at me.  

I was to-the-bone tired from doing everything all by myself, and stuck in the horrible trading “time for money” business model that I knew would never ever give me the life of freedom and security I longed for.

Even worse…I was scared to tell people I was an Intuitive Coach.

I was afraid of being judged, criticized, and not taken seriously by other professionals in the field. I knew that my intuitive abilities were my #1 most powerful tool.

but I didn’t have the research and data to back it up, and because of this, I wasn’t able to fully articulate who I really was as a healer, and how effective my methods were in helping my clients change their lives.

I just knew that my heart was right and I had to stick with it…


Desperate to keep it all afloat…

I went into debt to the tune of 50K! 

(Gut wrenching, I know.)

I was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted from trying to figure out how to run an online business (“How do I… find clients, build a website, create an optin, write email sequences, graphic design this thingy...build credibility, network with A-listers I admire? ugh!!”)


 I started seriously doubting myself

Maybe I wasn’t cut out for this like I thought?  Maybe all those other people just have something I don’t? Or…

Maybe the coaching industry is all a marketing scam to hoodwink well intentioned healers like me out of my hard earned money? I was so tired of seeing other coaches succeed, while I struggled for months on end, still no closer to figuring it out!  After 18 months in business…

Delirious to get my dream off the ground, I snapped.

collage about heather.png

 And I unapologetically dedicated myself to...

  • Fiercely owning my intuitive abilities and screamed about them from the rooftops!

  • Mastering consistency, only investing in activities that increased my bottom line.

  • Working on my trust and perfectionism issues (still working on this!) enough to hire a team and allow myself to be supported.

  • Setting my rates based on their real value, regardless of my fear.

  • Saying “No” to absolutely everything (which was like 95% of every ask) that didn’t excite me, serve my business’s purpose, or make me money.

  • Getting 100% serious with nailing my messaging and fully understanding my client’s needs.

  • Creating step by step repeatable frameworks for everything that was working in my funnels and nurture sequences so I could gain real leverage and momentum. 


like crazy pants, IT wildly took off! 

Within 5 months of going online…

  • I launched my first ever group program that made over $25K, and had even better results the next year!

  • I raised my hourly rate by 8x and had a fully booked practice.

  • I grew my list to over 7800 in under 6 months, and hit my first 6 figures within a year.

  • I paid off all that horrible debt (it was all so worth it!)

  • I even hired my husband and built a small but mighty team (#TeamAtmana!) to support and nurture my tribe.

We are even on track to retire my husband next year!

As I look back on it now…

How to achieve all of this is so clear to me!   


 The thrill of watching my clients skyrocket their own coaching businesses is more rewarding than I could possibly imagine. 

I believe you’re here to ignite & elevate the world.

And I’m here to help you do it.

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The Atmana Intuitive Coach Certification Program speeds up your success process with these 3 elements:

1. Coach Training Skills: You’ll master powerful skills to create incredible results with each client.

2. Intuitive Coach Skills: You’ll learn and apply Atmana Research-based methods for using intuition in every session.

3. Business Development: You’ll structure high ticket packages, systematize your funnels, create high convert optins, and more!

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Stop spinning your wheels and monetize your life’s work so you can live the life of freedom and security you deserve.

You’ll Master These 5 Components to Boost Your Profits Quickly:
Defining your dream clients 2) High Ticket Sales Calls 3) Packaging, pricing, and getting paid your worth 4) Becoming known, getting visible 5) Your authentic brand and website.

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This session will reveal your mental and emotional blocks to achieving the level of success you desire.

Blocks Can Exist in 4 Main Areas of Your Business: 1) Self-worth & doubt issues 2) Messaging & visibility challenges 3) Unclear offers & fear of “selling” 4) Lack of support & business structure.

Together, we’ll map out a plan to obliterate what stands in your way so you can move forward in ease and excitement!

Fun Facts Collage.png

Completely Pointless

But Very Fun Facts About Me:

  • I believe that bookmarks 📚 are for quitters.

  • I’m left handed and I’ve made an art out of using swear words.

  • I used to teach pole fitness classes (No, I will not post the pics).

  • I have an intense obsession with aliens 👽.

  • I have 4 brothers (who are my 💜) and I grew up on a farm.

  • I have a cold weather phobia; I’m literally afraid I’ll freeze to death (ok, stop laughing now).

  • I started modeling 📷 at the age of 15 and had a chance to move to NYC but didn’t.

  • I’m the rock-scissors-paper champion of the entire universe. The. Entire. Universe.

MY “OFFICIAL” BIO & headshots

Please feel free to snag this for interviews, etc!

Heather Alice Shea, M.S., is an Intuitive Life Coach, Life Coach Trainer, and Intuition Educator who helps emerging coaches hone and own their innate intuitive abilities and create one-of-a-kind platforms that book their business solid. She is the founder of Atmana Coaching Academy, the world’s first Intuitive Life Coach Training & Business Development Company that formally integrates intuition into the coaching process. She is the host of The Everyday Intuitive Podcast, and her work has been featured in top publications like Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, and Best Self Magazine, and her first meditation CD was presented in Spirituality & Health Magazine.

Heather holds a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of North Florida. She is a licensed HeartMath® Life Coach and Mentor, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a past life regression hypnosis expert. She currently works with clients all over the world via Skype in her signature down-to-earth style full of humor, heart, and the occasional swear word.


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